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CONCRETE-IMPRINTINGConcrete imprinted driveway includes pouring concrete on a sub-base, and then the colour is applicable, followed by a hardener. This driveway is unlike conventional concreting, which typically required using blocks to create your finish. However, once the concrete is damp, this is when the pattern is applied. You can choose from varieties of prints, the most popular being brickwork, textured stone and ashlar stone. Concrete imprinting is a widespread choice for residential properties, especially lining driveways, as they include edge glamour to your property.




A concrete imprinted driveway can usually present the best value for money when upgrading. Not only does it manage to last longer as opposed to other materials such as tarmac, but concrete is also durable and easy to maintain. Once you’ve settled concrete is right for your new driveway, you’ll have the opportunity of Concrete Block Paving or Pattern Imprinted Concrete to proceed.






In most situations, imprinted concrete takes a shorter time to establish than blocked paving. It is because concrete imprinting driveway installation is in higher bulks.


Grass and moss


Concrete imprinting driveway will rarely confront the menace of dust or weeds emitting within the surface.


Because concrete

imprinting driveway depends entirely on a strengthened (regularly fibre-mesh) support, which is then fit on top of a sub-base. It provides two levels of protection and also decreases the possibility of any change or sinking.




Pave Master proffers a better service compared to other service providers in town, and we assure you that our skilled experts would do what best fits your requirements. These are the reasons why you should be opting for pave master;

  • We provide a good quality print.
  • We provide colour consistency to ensure your floor reaches the colour you’re looking for, the central elements of concrete imprinting include colour surface hardener and archaic release agents.
  • We ensure long term stability; this is particularly relevant in high traffic spaces, such as roads, multi-storey car lots and repositories operating machine regularly.
  • Our services have fewer chances of concrete cracking because we use a slip membrane where required.
  • Our services lessen maintenance requirements and maximize effects.


Pave Master provides nationwide concrete driveway installations for both commercial and domestic clients. We are a team of experienced and skilled concrete installers who ensures that you receive a driveway you will be proud of.

Pave Master The Only Trusted Name For All Your Residential and Commercial Property Landscape and Driveways. We Specialise In Rasin Bond Driveways, Tarmac, Slabbing, Fencing and Patios Repairs and Installations. We Provide Services In Fife, St Andrews, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes and All Scotland. Get In Touch With Our Expert to Book an Appointment Info@pave-master.com0800 696 5277