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Thinking To Enhance the Protection of your Site by Fencing


Pave Masters your go-to fencing services in the UK. Not only do we supply and install fencing, but we
can also repair damaged fencing too. Our fast, reliable service is here to help you get your fence
completed quickly, to a high standard, and at a great price.
Our Experts are here to install or replace different fencings such as Wood, Vinyl, PVC, Wrought iron, and
Aluminum with available best quality standards and prices in the market.


Our Best Offers for the Best Fencing Fits!!


Pave Master offers a complete range of deluxe timber and metal fencing products, using only the finest
timber and steel materials. Some key factors for fencing to use better materials, stylish design,
construction, strength, security, functionality , and performance, the best guarantee for the best value.
If you are looking for an old one to repair or replace or want a customized fence our team of
professionals here for you to provide the best solution which will fit your requirements as committed
time and quality.

Serving You At Best

Fencing needs regular maintenance even for the newly installed ones or what you have already at your
place. Follow some easy steps to prevent your fences from any damages.



  • Clean wreckage such as weeds and rocks from the fenced area regularly.
  • If you installed a wood fence, ensure that boards don’t touch the ground.
  • One more effect maybe termites or ants? Use pesticides to avoid them from damaging the wood.
    • If you have vinyl and aluminum fences, make sure you clean them once in three months with a warm
      soap solution or a light power washing.
  • Don’t forget to remove flaking or peeling paint on wood fences and refinish the surface.
  • Keep in mind to repair broken boards, loose hinges, or posts maybe they cause an accident or harm
    someone around.

Pave Master The Only Trusted Name For All Your Residential and Commercial Property Landscape and Driveways. We Specialise In Rasin Bond Driveways, Tarmac, Slabbing, Fencing and Patios Repairs and Installations. We Provide Services In Fife, St Andrews, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes and All Scotland. Get In Touch With Our Expert to Book an Appointment Info@pave-master.com0800 696 5277